A Little Bit of History

The Glass Factory is Jacksonville’s premiere industrial, historic wedding and event venue. With over 16,000 square feet, the space is fully customizable, catering to every function and style.

Glass Factory Building Front

Modern and Historical

Built in 1936 by Henry Klutho, The Glass Factory is a unique piece of Jacksonville history. Commissioned by the Pittsburg Plate Glass Company, the space maintains a highly sought after industrial aesthetic. Over the years the building has housed many different operations, yet the original charm remains untouched.

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Lauryn Howell

The Glass Factory Jax LLC is under the direction of Lauryn Howell, Business Manager. Ms. Howell is the power behind the marketing, operations, and direction of this historic industrial facility and all events. Starting in 2020, she has been working with local designers and contractors to preserve the historic integrity of the former factory while bringing in modern comforts and aesthetics.

Visitors to The Glass Factory are delighted to find authentic artifacts from when rail cars entered the building’s loading dock and an overhead crane lifted plate glass onto an end grain, wood munitions floor. State-of-the-art climate control has been installed help regulate the temperature of the large open factory floor. 


Adding to the list of amenities, the two catering preparation areas provide ample space and resources to feed a crowd of any size. Lauryn has renovated the spacious bridal suite and grooms lounge areas in a mid century modern style that honors the character set by the building’s notorious architect, Henry John Klutho. 

A Florida native, Lauryn enjoys working with event planners to create one of a kind experiences and seeing someone(s) vision become a reality.